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How to Get Started with AI Voice for Marketing & Advertising

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The Challenge: Scalable, Professional Voice Over

A robotic or flat AI voice in a digital marketing experience is distracting and inhibits conversion. Marketers and advertisers were reluctant to use AI voice in their assets, because of the poor quality.


The Solution: Lifelike TTS from WellSaid Labs

Using a proprietary voice model, WellSaid AI Voice is rated as natural as a human voice. With realistic AI voices, creators can now scale their output with text-to-speech that engages the listener and drives conversions.


Getting Started: How to Assess the Options

Companies of all sizes are using high-quality AI voice for an incredible variety of marketing voice over. Read about the real-life use cases of WellSaid AI Voice, including audio ads, video voice over, website content, social media, and more. How will you use AI voice?

Team Leaders Love WellSaid

5 out of 5 stars.

"WellSaid Studio is the best Text-to-speech on the market. With its easy-to-use studio and multi-voices, you will always have the right sound for whatever you are recording. They are top-notch in their training and support! WellSaid studio is constantly creating new things to keep your business sounding amazing."

Amber Haubold

WellSaid Customer

5 out of 5 stars.

"WellSaid is an exceptional text-to-speech software that offers incredibly realistic and natural-sounding voices. This AI voice software sets a new standard for quality, beating every other text-to-speech software out there. The voices are so human-like that it is difficult to distinguish them from actual human voices."

John Lee

WellSaid Customer