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The First DJ Powered by Artificial Intelligence

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Engaging Content

ANDY leverages WellSaid’s revolutionary natural voice generation technology to create all the DJ voice content in a way that sounds identical to human speech.

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Hi-Fi Production

Super Hi-Fi uses its fully AI-powered production suite to automatically select the appropriate piece of content and perfectly weave it together into a seamless, fully-produced experience.

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Wow Now!

The next frontier of radio content is upon us. Creators, brands, and stations use AI to grow their audiences. WellSaid and Super Hi-Fi work together to create the best listening experience.

Great Content Meets Great Production

5 out of 5 stars.

“Far and away the most lifelike and expressive text-to-speech our team has ever seen.”

David Ellis

Corporate Development & Ventures, iHeart Media

5 out of 5 stars.

"I come from a multimedia background, so I know that people prefer short productions that grab your attention and make it enjoyable for you to watch. We needed a very modern and engaging software product, and we’ve been really happy with WellSaid.

Hector Castro

Content Designer at Sobeys

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