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Industry Academy: Multiplying Productivity with Custom Voice


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Learn how Industry Academy founder, Chris Black, created a replica of his voice with WellSaid.

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The Challenge: Wasting Time and Scalability on Traditional Recording

Recording all voiceover for his training courses himself, Chris Black was spending hours in a sound booth. Not only could he not focus on other areas of his business, he also could not scale voiceover creation across his team. Only Chris could record voiceover, and this constraint was a major frustration.

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The Solution: A Custom Voice from WellSaid Labs

After trying everything from a homemade recording studio to a variety of post-production tools to speed up production, Chris decided to create an AI voice replica with WellSaid Labs. Working with the Voice Team to record source data for the AI model, Chris had a version of his voice that fooled his family and friends within a few weeks.

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The Results: Scalability and Versatility

Once the Chris's Custom Voice was complete, any member of his team could create voiceover content while he focused on sales or networking opportunities. The voiceover quality was consistent and edits were quick and easy. Read more about the ROI in the case study.

Customers Love WellSaid Custom Voice

5 out of 5 stars.

We wasted weeks combing through all of the text-to-speech services only to find that our first call to WellSaid Labs should have been our last: they have the best TTS capabilities on the market, hands down. Building a custom voice avatar based on an existing narrator, we tailored WellSaid Lab’s service to keep up with our eLearning courses. ”

chris black
Chris Black

Managing Director at Energy Industry Academy

5 out of 5 stars.

“We partnered with WellSaid Labs so that we could deliver extremely high-fidelity voice avatars to our customers. This reduces their need to hire voice actors to record prompts, saving them time and money. We choose WellSaid because of the quality of their voice avatars which offer audio that is almost indistinguishable from a human voice actor and because of their ability to help our customers create their own custom avatars.”

Richard Dumas

VP Product Marketing at Five9

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