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ReCast: Finding a Text-to-Speech API That Delivers



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Learn how ReCast's development team found a reliable, lifelike voice solution in WellSaid API

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The Challenge: Unreliable APIs, Poor Voice Quality

Recast's unique offering of podcasts compiled from a user's reading list required an AI voice that would engage listeners. But having lifelike voices reading the content wasn't enough. The provider needed to be stable and reliable, minimizing the need for redundancies and background fixes.

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The Solution: AI Voice from WellSaid API

Co-founder Adam Altman tried a variety of text-to-speech providers. Some had decent voice quality but technical issues made them unusable. Others had simple API setup, but the voices were distracting and robotic. Finally, Adam tried WellSaid API and found that both the realism of the AI voices and the dependability of the API architecture were the perfect solution for Recast's needs.

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The Results: Quality and Reliability

Before WellSaid API, the Recast team relied on a system of redundancies, pronunciation fixes, and backup programs to try to deal with the inconsistencies of the products they tried. But after implementing WellSaid API, Recast was able to turn off these systems, saving budget and improving the user experience. Read more about the ROI in the case study.

Product Developers Love WellSaid API

5 out of 5 stars.

“We wasted weeks combing through all of the text-to-speech services only to find that our first call to Well Said Labs should have been our last. Developing around their Restful API, we tailored WSL’s service to keep up with the high volume and consistent revising we need for our eLearning courses. Creating our longform narration for our courses used to take 60% of our course development time… with our API setup it’s now less than half that.”

chris black
Chris Black

Managing Director at Energy Industry Academy

5 out of 5 stars.

“WellSaid’s API made it very easy to integrate this functionality into our Five9 IVA Studio platform where organizations build self-service applications for the voice channel. We chose WellSaid because of the quality of their voice avatars which offer audio that is almost indistinguishable from a human voice actor and because of their ability to help our customers create their own custom avatars.”

Richard Dumas

VP Product Marketing at Five9

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